After 6 months, my Anne Pro finally started showing issues

Anne, are you ok?

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I used to think people were just getting unlucky with their Anne Pros, because even with a busted battery, mine exhibited no issues in the 6 months I’ve owned it - until now.

When I press the “Y” key, the board also registers keypresses on the Q, W, E, U, I, O, and P keys. In addition to that, it no longer connects via Bluetooth to Android devices that it previously was able to pair with.

It’s such a shame, as I’ve invested a lot of time and spare cash in the Anne Pro - from posting PSA’s about checking your battery on delivery and being able to use Datamancer-clone cases, to showing off labors of love such as hydrodipping the stock case and sanding off keycap tops.

Obins, to date, has not been of any help. I have an email chain with them dating from the moment I posted about the battery issues, which was July 7 of last year. I can’t approach /u/Banggood for assistance either, because I purchased direct from Obins back before the board was available on other sites.

It’s unfortunate, but it looks like my replacement will be something other than the Anne Pro. I’ll miss this little wonder for sure, but I’ll also miss being able to recommend it to people as a good beginner mech. It was a good learning experience, but I’ll be looking for something with better build quality next time. It’s gonna be tough, as I really really want a 60% Bluetooth KB with RGB, and the Anne Pro fit the bill perfectly.

Take care of your Annes, fellas. If she’s still treating you well, I hope she lasts much longer than mine did.

Edit: Will be opening up the case in a bit to inspect for possible PCB trace damage

Edit 2: Holy u/ripster Almighty, I couldn’t make this shit up, but look what just arrived in the mail!!! A little background to explain this. So as I mentioned in the OP, I’ve been emailing Obins since July last year about the battery issue. I was concerned about the leaked residues that made its way onto the PCB, so I asked for a replacement PCB only. They were more than willing to provide, so I waited. And waited. And waited. I’ve continuously followed up with Obins and they’ve been continuously trying to check on the delivery status, which I mistakenly assumed was a cover for them giving me the runaround. I should’ve had faith though, because IT ARRIVED TODAY OF ALL DAYS!

I know it’s so hard to believe, but short of posting the email threads and my own personal information contained within them, I don’t have much proof to go by. It did though, and I’m back on the Anne Pro train, baby!