ASRock X570 ITX/TB3 WiFi Issue

Intermittent connectivity due to disconnected WiFi module

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Originally posted on Reddit.

When I first booted up my system with this board, I noticed WIFI did not work at all, and the adapter wasn’t detected in Win10 device manager. I had read handfuls of posts by users reporting faulty/intermittent connections with their WiFi on this board, but none that say it is outright nonfunctional.

The WiFi adapter was not seated properly. I had to take apart the IO cover/heatsink assembly and the WiFi module housing to see this.

Looks like the metal housing for the WiFi module was bent out of shape, causing it to push the module out of the socket when screwed into the motherboard.
You can see how the contacts align flush against the edge of the case but the two screw holes at the top and bottom are not in alignment. The bottom screw hole is jutting out further than the top, which makes it so it won’t sit on the motherboard properly.
Opening up the metal case reveals the adapter is secured in by just a single screw. I could opt to just remove the screw and let the adapter sit free in the slot, then screw the case back onto the motherboard.
Or I could try to bend the leg into place.
If you’re experiencing intermittent or non-functional WiFi on this board, I suggest opening up the IO shield and heatsink to check this out. Even with the metal case screwed in properly, the connection of the WiFi adapter itself is quite loose.