Dr. Zaber Sentry GTX 1070 Katana + Elgato 4k60 Bifurcated PC

Lots of words just to say: a really cool PC.

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2 minutes

So, it’s relatively easy to modify the Sentry to use a PCIe bifurcation riser. I’m using an Ameri-Rack ARC1-PELY423-C5V3 which I paid $58 for all-in.

I emailed Ameri-Rack ( Ameri-Rack Sales Department ), sending them this spiel:


I was referred to your company by the users at Hardforum when inquiring about PCIe bifurcation risers, and came across two that I’d be very interested in purchasing. I hope you still sell directly to individuals.

I’d very much appreciate quotes for the following:

1x ARC1-PELY423-Cx


1x ARC1-PELY423-Cx (reversed)

And if possible, please show me the differences in selling & shipping to these locations:





They got back to me a couple days after with a quote and sent me a link to pay via credit card, and it arrived less than a week later at the CT address I specified (didn’t want to pay CA taxes).

Overall I’m very happy with the experience.

As you can see, my GTX 1070 Katana fits perfectly with room for one more PCIe card. I intend to fill that slot with an Elgato 4k60 Pro.
The only necessary modification to the Sentry itself was to cut out the PCIe retention bar, which I did with a Dremel.
It just took two quick cuts, finished in less than 5 minutes tops, including the time taken to plan the angle of approach.
This is an Elgato 4k60 Pro paired with a Galax GTX 1070 Katana in a SFF case meant to house just one GPU.
PCIE bifurcation in a SFF case like the Dr. Zaber Sentry allows for some very productive combinations.
One more shot of the insides.
OBS reads the feed from my Lumix GH4 set to 4k output just fine!