C-Force CF003 Portable Dock/Dongle Review

Bought with forwarders from China.

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CForce CF003 and Xiaomi Mi USB-C 45W
100-240v means it can be used anywhere in the world, 15v-3A means it delivers more than enough wattage to power the Switch through the dock

I just got my Xiaomi Mi USB-C 45W charger, and it works extremely well to power the Switch Dock. It supports the 15v 2.6a USB-PD profile required by the official dock, is more portable than the official AC adapter, and is more versatile, supporting a removable USB-C cable. This product is $22.90 on AliExpress and it shipped out to me within 23 days.

I wrote extensively about the CF003 in a previous post, and my opinions of it haven’t changed; it’s still my favorite alternative 3rd party Switch Dock despite its price, and paired with the Xiaomi charger, allows me to carry a complete Dock solution wherever I go (provided the venue has a TV and spare HDMI cable available).

Super small form factor for full docked power
Works like a charm
An entire Switch Dock inside one carrying case