What is a True Story About You That Sounds Made Up?

One of the rare r/askreddit questions I answered.

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I’m an English lit graduate who went down this whirlwind of a career path:

  1. Freelance writer for a gaming magazine (kept this up for many years as a side gig)
  2. ESL Teacher
  3. Copywriter at an ad agency
  4. Community Manager for brand social media sites
  5. Game designer/project manager at several mobile game development studios
  6. General freelancer doing lots of odd jobs
  7. Telephone communications assistant for the hard of hearing
  8. Livestream director for an events company
  9. Livestream production specialist for a marketing agency

So this is either completely irrational for people who believe Eng. Lit majors do so to become writers, teachers, lawyers, etc., or completely relatable for a large chunk of Eng. Lit graduates who take that Avenue Q song to heart.