Congratulations, a Winner is You!

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You’ve entered the Special Zone! #

Super Mario World Special Zone

Giveaway Instructions #

  1. Find the gaming references made in the opening post you just came from (there is one in every single paragraph, 8 total)
  2. List the games they refer to and post the list as a comment in the same post
    • Don’t be surprised if your comment is removed shortly after you post it; this is to hide the answers from other potential guessers
  3. At the end of your comment, copy-paste this keyphrase: cakeday-giveaway-23
  4. If you’re among the first 3 players to successfully name all 8 games correctly, your username will be immortalized below and you will be contacted to claim your prize

List of winners #

Congratulations to the following Redditors who found this page and won the game!

  1. u/ThighsEnthusiast77
  2. u/decayedramen
  3. u/notanavidanimefan
  4. u/MierinEronaile (Consolation prize)