JBL Quantum TWS Mic Sample/Comparison

Left Channel = shotgun mic; Right Channel = Quantum TWS

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2 minutes

Originally posted on Reddit.

Made this mostly for my own curiosity, as I wanted to hear what my Discord buddies might hear if I used the TWS mics only. The “control” audio is from an Audio-Technica AT875R shotgun mic.

Left Channel is the AT875R, Right Channel is the JBL Quantum TWS.

If you’re not listening using earbuds/earphones (to easily remove one bud from your ear to isolate the channels), you can do so in Windows by going to System > Sound, clicking on the arrow beside whatever your default output device is, and adjusting the Left/Right channel volume sliders individually.

The recording was raw input from both mics recorded using Reaper, without any additional audio processing or VST plugins/filters applied. As far as I’m aware, Discord has some audio processing done to all mic input, even with all the settings in the audio page (Krisp, noise removal, echo cancellation, etc.) turned off, so ultimately I’m not 100% sure how my audio sounds to my buddies.

That said, they didn’t complain about it last night, though they did remark that it was lower quality than my usual mic (the Audio Technica). I will ask a close friend of mine to record how I sound with the JBL Quantum TWS mics next time we’re both free. When I get to do this, I’ll reply here so you’re notified. Or you can add me on Discord and we can test the call later, if you’re comfortable with that.

You might suggest to record the output of the mic test feature on Discord, which I would have done. Unfortunately I’m suffering from a long-standing bug with Discord’s mic test that completely changes and misrepresents how my audio sounds to others in an actual voice channel, regardless of mic used.