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December 2022

Pojifi NS2080 Controller Review

This ain’t it, Chief.

I was contacted by a rep from Pojifi to review their NS-2080, which looks to be a wannabe Xbox Elite Controller for the Switch. No idea why this person wanted me in particular to take a look at it, because I don’t really do this, but here goes. TL;DR: Don’t buy it unless you just want a cheap Xbox Elite Controller for the Switch. Like most of you I bet, I’d never heard of Pojifi before they reached out to me and asked for this review.

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Soundcore VR P10 Quick Review

Soundcore VR P10 = Game audio over 2.4GHz + Discord from phone over Bluetooth, simultaneously

Edit (Feb. 1, 2023): I eventually returned them. I ended up not using the simultaneous BT+2.4GHz feature enough to justify keeping them, and the loss of ANC and lack of passive noise isolation led me to use my other earbuds over the VR P10s anyway. If Anker makes a new version that includes ANC, I might give it another shot. Just got these for $70 on sale across various onlone shops (Amazon, BestBuy, Target).

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November 2022

JBL Quantum TWS Noise Cancelling Headset Earbuds

2.4GHz earbuds.

Originally posted on Reddit. I have these, they’re pretty good. I got them for the 2.4GHz transmitter, which is a rarity among TWS earbuds. I only know of two other products that do this. You can swap between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections almost instantly, but you can’t listen in on both sources at a time. If you want that feature you could look into the Soundcore VR P10. It’s great for ensuring your mic absolutely does not pick up any audio bleeding out of your headphones, which I find happens a lot even with closed-back studio headphones if you’ve got a condenser.

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October 2022

Thoughts and Findings on the 8Bitdo Ultimate Controller

TL;DR do NOT use if you want/need gyro on PC.

Originally posted on Reddit. My controller arrived today and I had ample time to play around with it. The TL;DR of this writeup is that I may end up returning the controller, but only because it lacked one specific feature I was hoping it would have. First, the good: It feels good. For its size, it feels surprisingly light. Much like the Google Stadia controller felt when picking it up out of the box.

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September 2022

Monster Hunter: World, or Rise?

Either is still a good choice.

Originally posted on Reddit. Question in relation to this thread. Is it still worth it to get MH World right now as my 1st ever MH game even if MH Rise is already out? Just because World is cheaper right now on Steam lol Edit: Or would it be better to just sacrifice more cash and just outright go for MH Rise? u/Impersona_9 I’m a third fleet MH vet (MH Tri was my first), and I’ve played every single MH game and spinoff since that generation.

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August 2022

JBL Quantum TWS Mic Sample/Comparison

Left Channel = shotgun mic; Right Channel = Quantum TWS

Originally posted on Reddit. Made this mostly for my own curiosity, as I wanted to hear what my Discord buddies might hear if I used the TWS mics only. The “control” audio is from an Audio-Technica AT875R shotgun mic. Left Channel is the AT875R, Right Channel is the JBL Quantum TWS. If you’re not listening using earbuds/earphones (to easily remove one bud from your ear to isolate the channels), you can do so in Windows by going to System > Sound, clicking on the arrow beside whatever your default output device is, and adjusting the Left/Right channel volume sliders individually.

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March 2021

Genki ShadowCast Input Latency Tests & First Impressions

Results of using a high framerate camera to perform input latency tests on the Genki ShadowCast.

The Genki ShadowCast by Human Things is a capture card that fits entirely inside the shadow of the official Nintendo Switch dock, hence the name. It works just like any other USB thumb drive sized capture card, except for one thing: Human Things have developed specialized capture software customized specifically for the Shadowcast that they say reduces latency of the captured video to undetectably low levels, while using less system resources than alternatives.

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October 2013

Creative Sound Blaster EVO (sans audio cable)

A headphone review.

So what happens when you’re given something to review but it’s incomplete? Like, say a set of headphones but without the audio cable? Well, I learned that the show must go on. Review away! Creative has a long history of providing decent and affordable sound systems (remember these?), but I personally wasn’t aware they also made gaming headsets. The Sound Blaster EVO is their most basic entry in the “EVO” line of headsets, but is there more to it than the flashy red exterior?

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December 2012

I’ve never played a rogue(quite)like this.

Also, this was my first Reddit post ever.

Originally posted on Reddit. This game. This. Game. I bring it everywhere; to work, to dinner, to the bathroom, walking on the street, riding in the car - only when at a full stop! - on the bed, on the phone, on and on and on… It’s crazy how hooked I am, and I don’t even know how to play! I mean, how to really play. I’m no Nethack veteran - my roguelike of choice was ADOM way back when - so I don’t know all the little things that can be done in it yet (like, can you pour potions into other potions?

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December 2010

Cross The Line

Spec Ops: Gears of Duty? Call of War?

Spec Ops: The Line is the ninth game of a series that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2002. It’s a third-person action shooter, similar to Gears of War, but with a greater focus on squad-based tactics ala Rainbow Six: Vegas. The squad members each have specialized skills at the player’s disposal, though the extent of these skills has yet to surface. Players assume the role of Martin Walker, captain of an elite Delta Force team, on a mission to save one Colonel John Konrad.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Unfortunately, “It’s on like Donkey Kong” was trademarked.

Platforms: PC Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Retro Studios / Nintendo ESRB: E Official Website: http://donkeykong.nintendo.​com/ If there’s one thing Nintendo does well, it’s taking care of their long-time fans. Get ready for a big serving of nostalgia cream pie, because the Ninty guys have continued in the same vein as the New Super Mario Bros. and the recent Metroid games in reviving their classics. As usual, there’s plenty of new flavor to complement the old spice that made the series so revolutionary in the first place.

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James Bond 007: Blood Stone

AKA: The Legend of the Magic Smartphone

Platforms: PC Publisher: Activision Developer: Bizarre Creations ESRB: Teen Official Website: Ever since Goldeneye, few Bond games were developed beyond mediocrity. Lately, however, the quality of games starring MI6’s superspy has been steadily rising. One may wonder if the new Bond face has anything to do with that, and rightfully so; Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the formerly debonair secret agent arguably translates into videogames with more fluidity and comes apropos to the genre.

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Tron: Evolution

Not your daddy’s Tron.

Platforms: PC Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Developer: GameStar ESRB: Teen Official Website: Any gamer worth their salt is wary of videogame-movie tie-ins. These games may have decent graphics and sometimes even enlist the voice talents of the actors and actresses starring in the film release, but more often than not the gameplay is lackluster. Notable exceptions include Goldeneye and the Chronicles of Riddick games, both of which are sometimes considered even better than the movies they were based on.

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October 2010

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Cutest game of the decade.

Platforms: Wii Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Good-Feel, HAL Laboratory ESRB: E Official Website:​/ Price in peso: P2150.00 This game can be accurately reviewed with just a single word: “adorable.” There’s so much cuteness going on in here, you’d wonder if the entire dev team was celebrating Bring Your Daughter to Work Day every day for the duration of its development. Unfortunately, since it simply won’t do to fill up this space with “cute cute cute, pink pink pink, desu desu desu,” a more in-depth review than “it looks like Yoshi’s Story” is in order.

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September 2010

Elemental: War of Magic

An idea too big to pull off

Platforms: PC Publisher: Stardock Developer: Stardock ESRB: Teen Official Website: Price in peso: P2,200.00 ($49.95), P3,100.00 Limited Edition ($69.95) Not many people know about Stardock Entertainment, regardless of the critical acclaim the developer manages to accrue. Due to this, Elemental: War of Magic is a title you’ve not likely heard of, especially with it sandwiched between the releases of Starcraft II and Civilization V, among others. It’s also a title you likely won’t hear about again, because despite Stardock’s successes with their previous titles, Elemental: War of Magic just isn’t as polished as it could be.

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August 2010

Worms: Reloaded


Platforms: PC Publisher: Team 17 Developer: Team 17 ESRB: Rating Pending Official Website:​app/22600 Price in peso: P900.00 ($19.99), P2700.00 for Four-pack ($59.97, 4 copies for the price of 3) It’s been ten years since we’ve had a brand new 2D Worms game, so the new Worms: Reloaded by Team 17 - the series’ original developers - serves as a refreshing reminder of the simpler days of gaming, where the concerns were about how much fun one could have with his or her friends by blowing each other to bits instead of how high one’s graphics settings can be configured to without exploding the computer.

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July 2010

Alien Swarm

Online Co-op Shooter

Game Title: Alien Swarm Subhead: Online Co-op Shooter Platforms: PC Publisher: Steam Developer: Black Cat Games / Valve ESRB: Not Rated Official Website: Price in peso: 0.00 (Absolutely free, just download Steam) Fresh on Steam is the free-to-play, action packed shooter, Alien Swarm. Reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, but with a bird’s eye view of the field, up to four players each control one of eight characters in bug-infested, objective-based missions.

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