Nothing Can Protect You Against Loneliness

Because it’s part of your biology.

Health Thoughts

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Originally posted on Reddit.

I woke up to Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: Loneliness today and almost felt personally attacked. It’s rare, but sometimes a YouTube video understands me more than I understand myself.

If 12 minutes and 30 seconds is too long to listen to, the video essentially explains the evolutionary reasons why loneliness is painful, and how chronic loneliness became an epidemic more deadly than obesity and on par with smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Most importantly, it talks about how the pain of chronic loneliness is self-sustaining; how in coping with loneliness, we can develop self-defensive social mechanisms that only serve to perpetuate it.

It sucks and it kills, so I guess what this is is just me trying to do a small part in helping others become aware of this basic human need to socialize, and to offer an inbox to write to if you need that feeling to be fulfilled. Or if you’re the type who needs a comforting voice to hear back from, you can also drop in and chat with me on my streams whenever I’m online. I love getting to know my viewers on a personal level.

Take care, everyone, and don’t forget to be awesome.