Soundcore VR P10 Quick Review

Soundcore VR P10 = Game audio over 2.4GHz + Discord from phone over Bluetooth, simultaneously

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Edit (Feb. 1, 2023): I eventually returned them. I ended up not using the simultaneous BT+2.4GHz feature enough to justify keeping them, and the loss of ANC and lack of passive noise isolation led me to use my other earbuds over the VR P10s anyway. If Anker makes a new version that includes ANC, I might give it another shot.

Just got these for $70 on sale across various onlone shops (Amazon, BestBuy, Target). James from LTT gave them a quick review. I just wanted to share and highlight the use case I specifically bought them for:

Hearing game audio from the Steam Deck (or Switch, or anything that it can plug into over USB-C) as well as Discord voice chat from my phone at the same time.

This does that, and it does it decently. This is what my voice sounds like with a good mic, and this it what it sounds like with the Soundcore VR P10. The recording was made while playing a game on the Deck, and the Soundcores kept playing the game audio while I heard myself talk to myself on Discord with an alt account.

Yes, the Soundcore’s mic is pretty tinny compared to an actual condenser mic (Audio-Technica AT875R for anyone who cares), but I’m hearing both the game, and the voice, and can talk to my party, all on the same pair of earphones.

I know you can run Discord on the Steam Deck as a flatpack, or through the browser. I’ve done this. I prefer having it on my phone so the Deck is just playing the game. This product lets me have my cake and eat it too.