Voice-Activated Punch-ins

How to use Move Transitions OBS plugin to toggle punch-in visibility with mic activity

How-To Streaming Tech

1 minute

Video #

Punching or zooming in on your facecams is nice and all, but if you forget to hit that hotkey, there’s no recapturing/reframing that moment except in post. Using a couple plugins on OBS, you can make sure to capture all those pogchamp moments by just screaming into your mic.

Requirements #

In lieu of the Stream FX plugin, duplicating your facecam can be done via scene nesting.

My Audio Move settings #

Meter Type: Input Peak Sample
Easing: 99.21
Action: Source Visibility
Threshold Action: Enable Over and Disable Under
Threshold: 21.05

Use these settings only as a baseline for determining your own ideal settings. Each microphone, stream/recording location, and voice is different, and so requires tuning on a case-to-case basis.

Caveats #

At the time of testing, I noticed a bug in Move Transitions that affects anyone using OBS in Studio Mode. Audio Move seems to affect scenes in the Preview window, but not in the Program window. I’ve reported the bug to the plugin author, and will update this post if it is ever addressed.