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May 2023

Teleprompter Chat Mirror

How to set up a transparent chat overlay over webcam for teleprompter use without any additional programs.

Using a teleprompter for reading chat isn’t new, but how about mirroring your webcam underneath it so you can see what you’re doing while looking into the souls of your audience? I don’t stream regularly these days but when I did, one of the things I liked most about my setup was my teleprompter chat. It went through many iterations; from a simple phone mounted as close to my webcam as possible, to an actual beam splitter teleprompter with a DSLR camera monitor screen replacing the phone.

How-To Streaming Tech

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July 2021

Voice-Activated Punch-ins

How to use Move Transitions OBS plugin to toggle punch-in visibility with mic activity

Video Punching or zooming in on your facecams is nice and all, but if you forget to hit that hotkey, there’s no recapturing/reframing that moment except in post. Using a couple plugins on OBS, you can make sure to capture all those pogchamp moments by just screaming into your mic. Requirements OBS Studio Version 27 and up Move Transition Plugin Stream FX Plugin (optional but helpful) In lieu of the Stream FX plugin, duplicating your facecam can be done via scene nesting.

How-To Streaming Tech

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March 2021

Genki ShadowCast Input Latency Tests & First Impressions

Results of using a high framerate camera to perform input latency tests on the Genki ShadowCast.

The Genki ShadowCast by Human Things is a capture card that fits entirely inside the shadow of the official Nintendo Switch dock, hence the name. It works just like any other USB thumb drive sized capture card, except for one thing: Human Things have developed specialized capture software customized specifically for the Shadowcast that they say reduces latency of the captured video to undetectably low levels, while using less system resources than alternatives.

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October 2020

Horizontally Scrolling Chat Overlay

How to use custom CSS to switch from a vertically-flowing chat overlay to a horizontal one

One thing I noticed while playing and streaming Star Wars Squadrons is how much of the viewspace is taken up by the player’s ship instruments and cockpit view. I like having a chat overlay on my streams and, with this UI design cramping the precious little verticle space, I wanted a way to dispaly the chat without encroaching on the viewport. Video Requirements The only thing needed to use these lines of custom CSS is the Restream.

How-To Streaming Tech

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July 2017

What’s A Geek features Dicecast

It’s nice to be recognized by peers!

Image from Many thanks to all the fans and supporters of the show who’ve helped put it on the radar for bigger blogs like What’s a Geek to see! Really, I can’t overstate my appreciation; the reception has been warmer than I’d hoped so far. Until next time, ready your dice!

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January 2017

Played Overcooked with Maria Ozawa

Never thought I’d be in a video with a (former) porn star.

Originally posted on Reddit. In case you didn’t know, GG Network started a show called “Notice Me Senpai” back in Dec. hosted by Maria Ozawa. Here’s a Twitch VOD of her playing Mafia III with Miggy Chavez of Chicosci last week. Aside from playing the game with her, I hope to be able to talk to her more about her Eurasian heritage and the unique challenges she’s faced as an individual of mixed descent, and possibly her relationship with her parents.

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December 2016

Just me and some GGNetwork friends playing boardgames

GG Network Holiday Board Games Guide

Originally posted on Reddit. A few months ago I posted about working on something like this with some other like-minded creators who want to see local media diversify into geek culture with some semblance of production value. It’s starting to pick up, and we’ve started expanding from eSports into more niche categories. Let me or the rest of GG Network / D5 Studios know if this is the type of content you’d like to see.

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