JBL Quantum TWS Noise Cancelling Headset Earbuds

2.4GHz earbuds.

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I have these, they’re pretty good. I got them for the 2.4GHz transmitter, which is a rarity among TWS earbuds. I only know of two other products that do this.

You can swap between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections almost instantly, but you can’t listen in on both sources at a time. If you want that feature you could look into the Soundcore VR P10.

It’s great for ensuring your mic absolutely does not pick up any audio bleeding out of your headphones, which I find happens a lot even with closed-back studio headphones if you’ve got a condenser.

Soundcore VR P10

I wanted those and they have a lower price normally ($100 instead of $130, but right now these JBL ones are $75 everywhere and those Soundcore ones to be $70) and I really wanted that simultaneous connection - but the Soundcore ones don’t have active noise cancelling. These JBL ones were the only true wireless earbuds with a 2.4ghz receiver I found that also has active noise cancelling which is big for me to play my switch/watch movies on a plane.

The Genki Waveform seem to do both - have simultaneous Bluetooth and dongle connection, and have active noise cancelling, but they are $250, don’t seem to have the best reviews on their kickstarter page, and instead of having a wireless transmitter to plug in like the JBLs and Soundcores, the case is the transmitter, so you have to plug in the case to the device. Cool because it allows you to use the 2.4ghz connection with iPhones/iPads, but also more of a hassle for all the other scenarios

I have the Genki Waveforms as well. The case as a transmitter feature doesn’t allow simultaneous BT, unless there’s been a firmware update I don’t know about (my app says I’m on the latest version though).

I have many complaints with the Waveforms but ultimately still use them along with my JBL Quantum TWS.

Really? I thought that was the whole thing with those is they were supposed to have simaltanious connection of using the case and bluetooth at the same time, with their “DualStream” advertising

You seem to know a lot about these types of earbuds haha - how do you like the Genkis? Have you had any problems? Do you find them comfy?

The DualStream is what got me to Kickstart it. Imagine my disappointment when I find out it’s not actually simultaneous mixing of the audio sources, but switching between the two, like any other implementation.

The Genkis are notoriously hard to fit in a comfortable way. I’m not active in their Discord anymore but when I was, almost every other post was about how people are putting them on. One of the most recommended solutions is to get a set of larger Comply foam tips, an additional purchase. I have them on mine and they work, but the earbuds won’t sit flush in the charging case with them on unless you press down hard enough to deform the tips. I found a way to fit them comfortably in my own ear after much trial and error.

The sound quality itself is fine. Not the best I’ve heard (I give that to Galaxy Bud 2, but then again I’m not very picky when it comes to SQ), but it’s definitely no slouch. There is latency in both BT and dongle/case connection. And the mic is pretty bad either way (the case has a built-in mic in it which performs better than the in-ear ones, but it’s still not great).

Edit: Here’s my day-1 test of the Genki Waveform mics, switching back and forth between the in-ears and the case mic. And here’s VO of the same script, recorded simultaneously, on my AT875R, so you have an idea of what my voice should sound like on a good mic. It’s likely they sound better now, after a firmware update, but I don’t feel like doing another test right now.

Wow, thank you so much for all this detail and review! I was seriously considering those when I saw the Kickstarter but decided to hold back, and that was the nail in the coffin for me. Sorry they didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Maybe one day the perfect earbuds will exist that have simultaneous Bluetooth and 2.4ghz connection, active noise cancelling, can connect to Lightning or USB C, and actually fit/work well lol.

Here’s to hoping that hypothetical perfect set of earbuds doesn’t cost more than $200.