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March 2023

My AMA for r/PHGamers

Because I promised.

Hi, I’m JP, creator of r/PHGamers and r/PHBuildaPC. Things I used to do in gaming: Write for Game! Magazine, run a gaming blog, host a tech review channel, stream a D&D show, and design mobile games. Now I produce livestreams for clients. Ask me and the new mod team anything! Hi r/PHGamers, As promised, here’s the AMA! For those of you new to Reddit in general, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) is an online Q&A session where Reddit’s community asks a guest (or guests) questions.

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February 2023

Making Friends as Adults

An idea on why it’s so hard.

Originally posted on Reddit. How tf do you make friends as an adult? Who has the answer? Someone tell me because this ish blows. Lol u/MissLi1886 It might not be the answer, but I have an idea. Posted this before, but I think it’s worth repeating: When we were younger, we were put in situations where developing friendships was inevitable. School being the biggest of course, but also clubs, birthday parties, etc.

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November 2022

JBL Quantum TWS Noise Cancelling Headset Earbuds

2.4GHz earbuds.

Originally posted on Reddit. I have these, they’re pretty good. I got them for the 2.4GHz transmitter, which is a rarity among TWS earbuds. I only know of two other products that do this. You can swap between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections almost instantly, but you can’t listen in on both sources at a time. If you want that feature you could look into the Soundcore VR P10. It’s great for ensuring your mic absolutely does not pick up any audio bleeding out of your headphones, which I find happens a lot even with closed-back studio headphones if you’ve got a condenser.

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September 2022

Monster Hunter: World, or Rise?

Either is still a good choice.

Originally posted on Reddit. Question in relation to this thread. Is it still worth it to get MH World right now as my 1st ever MH game even if MH Rise is already out? Just because World is cheaper right now on Steam lol Edit: Or would it be better to just sacrifice more cash and just outright go for MH Rise? u/Impersona_9 I’m a third fleet MH vet (MH Tri was my first), and I’ve played every single MH game and spinoff since that generation.

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May 2021

The Fullness of Half-Life

This was a teachable moment.

Originally posted on Reddit. Someone on Reddit asked why Half-Life should get a page in the history books of gaming. While gaming taste is certainly subjective, there are objective truths about the state of game development before and after Half-Life; clear, measurable changes that came about in the wake of its release. In any case I figured this was a teachable moment that I could actually give insight to, so I hope it helps the OP at least appreciate Half-Life a little more, if not consider playing HL games sometime.

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July 2018

I Cast Healing Word, Curing Friend’s Depression Condition

Friendship, the most magical spell.

Originally posted on Reddit Green Bro gave me permission to post this after I used my Action to Aid and cast Healing Word, curing his depression Condition.

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August 2014

I’ve never played a rogue(quite)like this.

Also, this was my first Reddit post ever.

Originally posted on Reddit. I’m at the SSS branch in SM Aura and they’re playing Chrono Trigger music over the PA system. Needless to say, it caught me by surprise! I remember a few years ago during the televized UAAP games they’d play Final Fantasy battle music between commercials. Does anyone else have anecdotes about hearing game music out of the blue? I was at my Uncle’s farm and he asked me to deliver some chickens to trade for some fish, a couple of houses down by the farm.

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February 2014

My AMA for r/Philippines

I’m jumping in on the bandwagon.

US-born Filipino now living in Manila, AMabsolutelyA. Thanks to /u/j_- for getting the ball rolling. I’ve seen a couple others follow in his wake, and it does seem to be stirring up some good discussion in this subreddit. Hoping to promote more of the same here. Not a throwaway, so here’s verification for anyone who cares about that shit. I’m here for most of the day (work blocks FB, G+, Twitter, and most social networks except Reddit, hope it stays that way) so just ask away.

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July 2013

Critical hit

On quitting due to cancel culture.

Let’s take a small step outside of gaming for a bit. Don’t worry, it’ll just be two paragraphs worth of text, and it’ll only be to set the stage. Last June, former Boston Fire Chief Steve Abraira resigned from his post following public criticism about his response to the horrible Boston Marathon bombings, summarized in a letter signed by every other fire chief in the city department. The baseless attacks by the Deputy Chiefs, especially their actions of making this a matter of public debate by leaking their letter of April 26 to the press, has made it impossible for me to continue to do my job.

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Throwback Thursday: Shock!

System Shock as one of the golden standards of storytelling in videogames

Jed from OMGeek.net talks about System Shock as one of the golden standards of storytelling in videogames, and rightfully so: the game heavily inspired the Bioshock franchise (indeed, it’s considered to be the spiritual successor to System Shock) and also influenced the direction of Deus Ex - yet another PC game classic. More than any other game before it, System Shock let me experience a well-written story at my own pace, and let me put things together and fill in the gaps with my own reasoning and imagination.

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This is how we get excited for games

A dialog between two friends.

So Marc and I were having a completely rational conversation about games, particularly of the space sim genre. It started out logically enough, as most of our dialogs do, but then it got weird. So yeah, that’s how we hype up games for ourselves. In other news, Star Citizen is an awesome space sim that aims to bring back all the classic elements of the genre and more. It’s amassed $12 million since it started its crowdfunding campaign, and rightfully so; the team making it is headed by Chris Roberts, best known for creating the excellent Wing Commander series.

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