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July 2018

I Cast Healing Word, Curing Friend’s Depression Condition

Friendship, the most magical spell.

Originally posted on Reddit Green Bro gave me permission to post this after I used my Action to Aid and cast Healing Word, curing his depression Condition.

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January 2018

I Made a Dice Tower for Dicecast

But it doesn’t seem to like me very much.

Originally posted on Reddit.. I followed this video to create the dice tower out of foam board and just added supports to make the webcam mount, an inch-long 1/4"-20 thread screw, bolt and washer to hold the C920 in place, and strip LED lighting to illuminate the whole thing. Now we have an actual physical dice camera for the show/stream!

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July 2017

What’s A Geek features Dicecast

It’s nice to be recognized by peers!

Image from Many thanks to all the fans and supporters of the show who’ve helped put it on the radar for bigger blogs like What’s a Geek to see! Really, I can’t overstate my appreciation; the reception has been warmer than I’d hoped so far. Until next time, ready your dice!

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March 2017

Customized D&D character journals

I built character sheets into journals to give to my D&D party

Click for larger photos. Materials A full list of the materials used and where I got them: Vintage faux leather journals Assorted Pendants Assorted Charms Icosahedron earrings (repurposed into holders for the charms) Card stock (from local bookstore) Total cost: about $10 per journal (I made 5) Character sheet design While waiting for the items to arrive from eBay, I worked on designing the character sheet based on the paper size listed in the journal description.

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February 2017

DIY D&D character, ability, & spell cards

Cool, cheap, and easy home-printable D&D action cards.

Click for larger photos. Step 4: Print your card design I used this card generator to generate the PDFs, which was the hardest part because you need to manually input the content (Wizards of the Coast cracks down hard on illegitimately distributed reproductions of their D&D IP). Step 5: Stick to card stock Then I printed onto glossy sticker paper and stuck entire sheets on to card stock (my printer can’t print on stock directly, but if yours can, you can skip this step).

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December 2016

Just me and some GGNetwork friends playing boardgames

GG Network Holiday Board Games Guide

Originally posted on Reddit. A few months ago I posted about working on something like this with some other like-minded creators who want to see local media diversify into geek culture with some semblance of production value. It’s starting to pick up, and we’ve started expanding from eSports into more niche categories. Let me or the rest of GG Network / D5 Studios know if this is the type of content you’d like to see.

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September 2013

The best possible Star Wars dice roll ever

Never tell me the odds.

I forgot what the roll was for, but it doesn’t matter. We won. Just to put into perspective how difficult it would be to achieve this kind of roll: The purple dice are bad. They’re 8-sided dice, and only one side is blank (the best possible result on these dice, because that essentially means “nothing bad happens”). The yellow dice are good. They’re 12-sided dice, and the icon you see there is “Triumph.

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